Book Reviews

Respected literary online magazine, posted a review of Paper Girl in February 2015.

Journalist Mary Conroy compared my first crime-fiction novel to the writings of crime queen, Martina Cole.

Ms Conroy selected my novel as a must read for crime fans and in particular students of journalism.

Read the review here

Patrick O’Connell, chief reporter with the Irish Daily Star, says: “Journalist Laura Lynott crafts a gritty page-turner drawing from the darkest recesses of Ireland’s gangland culture.

“For Grace, the case gives her the opening she needs to tell the true story of the capital’s number one villain ‘The Priest’. Author Laura Lynott is one of the country’s most respected print journalists. In her first fictional outing she sets the scene in a print industry in decline, confused about the possibilities and threats the internet is offering. But in fiction as in real life, the hunt for the story is what drives Grace…”

Meanwhile, Bernie Mullen, former deputy editor of the Derry Journal, describes Paper Girl as an “impressive, no holds-barred departure for Lynott – a gripping read not for the faint-hearted.” She adds: “Laura Lynott was born to be a writer. A native of Manchester with strong Irish roots, her fearless pursuit of cutting-edge journalism saw her earn her stripes as a tabloid reporter with regional and national newspapers in the UK and Ireland.”


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