Paper Girl Publicity

RTE Radio’s John Murray interviewed me about Paper Girl, getting to the real life crime characters behind the book.

Paper Girl on John Murray Show, RTE Radio 1

RTE TV’s Today Show chatted to me about the writing of Paper Girl and the dangers I faced meeting face-to-face with Irish gangland.

Paper Girl highlighted on RTE Today Show Facebook page

The Irish Independent’s Weekend magazine gave Paper Girl a mention in January 2015 comparing the crime-fiction novel to popular Irish gangland drama, Love/Hate.

The magazine wrote:  “If the idea of Love/Hate with a little more love appeals to you, check out the debut novel from journalist Laura Lynott.”

The Derry Journal newspaper also wrote a story about Paper Girl in January 2015.

Paper Girl featured in the Derry Journal

The Stockport Express newspaper in Greater Manchester, a local paper owned by Trinity Mirror, also published a story on Paper Girl in January 2015.

The newspaper noted:  “Fact meets fiction in a journalist’s first novel.

Paper Girl, based on the life of a tabloid reporter and a real life gangster, is the first offering from Laura Lynott.”

The newspaper mentions how I started my career at the Salford Advertiser in Greater Manchester more than a decade ago and how the first story I covered as a cub reporter was of a criminal being bundled in to the boot of a car and the vehicle set alight in a merciless act of so-called retribution.

U Magazine, an Irish women’s magazine, also gave Paper Girl a mention in January 2015 as a recommended read.








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